Slávka Krátká

Slávka Krátká was born in 1961. She studied construction engineering - designing, and she worked in the field for a number of years. Besides her profession, nevertheless, she also pursued drawing. When she had met her future husband, academic painter Lubomír Krátký, more than twenty-seven years ago, she started to deal in greater detail with the technique of drawing and later also painting, with his help. She decided for working with acrylic paints. 

In her graphic art, her first inclination was mostly to cubism and abstract art. Over time, however, her work got more and more closer to naive style, which is most typical for Slávka Krátká. 

She first introduced her paintings to the public four years ago at an exhibition in Prague, and she immediately noted unusual success. She captivated both Czech and foreign visitors. Her work is represented in private collections in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia. 

The paintings of Slávka Krátká also caught the attention of many world galleries. In 2019 she showed her paintings at an exhibition in Milan and Hong Kong. In 2020 exhibitions are being prepared in Prague, Berlin, New York, Macao and for great success again in Hong Kong.