Original paintings for sale 

Old town, acrylic, canvas 40×30 cm, price: 1 190 EUR

Slippery ice, acrylic, cardboard 25×35 cm, with frame, price: 450 EUR

Island, acrylic, canvas 60×50 cm, price: 3 500 EUR

No leg anywhere, acrylic, canvas 40×30 cm, price: 1 190 EUR

High in the mountains, acrylic, canvas 50×40 cm, price: 1 600 EUR

At the end of the world, acrylic, canvas 50×40 cm, Price: 1 600 EUR

Pink Day

Concrete space

Author’s prints for sale

Author’s print is a reproduction of an original painting. Each author’s print has its own mark and is signed by the author. There are only 6 author’s print copies of each painting and they are all protected by a highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism method. Thanks to that it is possible to verify the originality of the author’s print at anytime.

The stairs to the square, canvas 100×100 cm, price: 600 EUR

Sightseeing flight, canvas 100×100 cm, price: 600 EUR

The circus has arrived, canvas 100×100 cm, price: 600 EUR

Calm, canvas 60×50 cm, price: 460 EUR

Lonely cyclist, canvas 60×60 cm, price: 460 EUR

At the lighthouse, canvas 100×80 cm, price: 560 EUR

Way out of the city, canvas 60×80 cm, price: 460 EUR

Colorful laundry, canvas 50×40 cm, price: 240 EUR

A small town in the mountains, canvas 30×35 cm, price: 240 EUR


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